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Romantic Couple

 My cards and my work have been reviewed in;

“The Encyclopedia Of The Tarot”, Volume 4, by US Games Systems “ Psychic New York” by Patricia Collins. “ Looking For The Other Side” by Sheri Suib Cohen, forward by Deepak well as an article in  “ New Woman Magazine” mid-1997, also written by Sheri Suib Cohen



A safe and guided session, with Tarot archetypes and an experienced reader, is very much like looking into a mirror. Where a looking glass reveals your image, a reading reveals keys to communication that are

unique to you. 


My approach to everything I do involves listening to an unseen library that is very much in partnership with a superpower that we all possess, imagination.


Sometimes referred to as channeling, it is also the place that empowers my 

artistic abilities. Since birth, my mission has been the mastery of a private place within and the riches held there. This is a world that gives back, a gift, an antidote, given to you and to me yet not typically taught or introduced. 


This is not a mystery as knowledge brings light to what seems cloudy or dim. Yes, knowledge is power after all. The arts and mythology offer up a journey, an opportunity to turn on lights within and around us.


 My role is to offer translation, confirmation, and practical insights during a reading. 


The subtle differences in my approach are using both a spread, or layout, of the cards, and a tarot deck, of my own design. “Tarot Des Artiste”, my deck, is what I use along with other more traditional major arcana decks. The majors are the 22 cards extrapolated from the full tarot decks of 78 cards. 









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