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Gentle & Vinyasa Yoga will finalize

Wednesday, December 7.

We will be introducing 2 New additions to our Ongoing Fitness Classes 

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Your invited to try our introductory classes

Meet & Greet with Lisa Citro
December 16 • 7pm

Lisa will be offering Ongoing Classes in Pilates and Yin Yoga Fusion, Special Creative Workshops and will Host our Full Moon Event this January. Come and Meet Lisa on December 16 and Receive 2 complimentary class passes for January 3rd & 4th.


Pilates Introductory Class
January 3 • 10:15am

Be pleasantly surprised how great you feel as you continue to practice and improve your health and self esteem.


Yin Yoga Fusion
January 4 • 7:15pm

A gentle combination of yoga asana in addition with the deep healing benefits of Yin poses as you massage and breath into the connective tissue where we hold onto blocked energy. We address the chakra system as well as the meridians to help release stuck issues in our body and emotional self.

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