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Love Is In The Air: The Perfect Crystals and Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and what better way to show someone you care than by gifting them with a beautiful crystal? Crystals are said to carry positive energy and healing properties, making them the perfect gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day. From rose quartz to pink sapphire and more, there are many crystals and creative gift ideas that are perfect for expressing your love and appreciation for someone special. So, if you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, look no further than these amazing crystals!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for Valentine’s Day because it is associated with love and tenderness. It is believed to open the heart to all types of love, from self-love to unconditional love for others. Rose Quartz can also be used to heal old wounds, by allowing you to forgive and to accept love.

This beautiful crystal radiates a gentle and calming energy, which helps to dissolve emotional wounds, fears, and resentments. Its soothing energy can help to create harmony in relationships, and brings comfort to those who are grieving. Furthermore, it can also bring trust and hope back into a relationship, while deepening your connection with yourself and your partner. When used with intention, Rose Quartz can be a powerful ally on your journey to love. Crystal hearts are available in over two dozen different shapes, sizes and varieties.

Rhodonite Morganite Pink Sapphire

Rhodonite Earrings

Rhodonite is a deep pink crystal that has been used for centuries to encourage love, friendship and balance. It is associated with the heart chakra, which helps with calming emotions and connecting to others on a deeper level. Rhodonite is a great choice for Valentine’s Day, as it promotes a sense of trust and companionship in relationships.

As the stone of love, rhodonite encourages compassion, understanding and generosity. It has a nurturing energy that helps us to be more understanding of our partners and their needs. Rhodonite can help us find a balance between giving and receiving in relationships. It helps us to express our emotions in a healthy way, allowing us to connect on an emotional level with our partners.

Morganite Mala Bracelet

Morganite is a gemstone known for its rosy pink hue and its association with love. It is said to attract unconditional love and peace, promoting kindness, compassion and empathy. Morganite is thought to be an ideal stone for romance and relationships, giving couples the strength to work through any issues that may arise. It helps us open our hearts to others and to ourselves, bringing harmony and balance. In addition to its romantic powers, Morganite is believed to reduce stress and anxiety, help clear away negative energies and restore energy levels. It is also believed to enhance creativity and bring success in all areas of life. If you are looking for the perfect gemstone to express your love this Valentine's Day, Morganite might be just what you need!

Pink Sapphire Necklace

Pink sapphires signify love, elegance, compassion, power, strength, and wise judgment. These stones bring light and relaxing energy to the heart while strengthening emotions. pink sapphires have close ties to the heart. The pink sapphire embodies the heart’s passion and strength, helping to overcome shyness and express emotions more easily. It can bring loving and playful energy to relationships and renews the ability to be vulnerable and passionate with others.

The Lover's Path Tarot

The Lover's Path Tarot whispers that all love relationships mirror our relationship with ourselves. Itsreaders are taken on a journey where emotional and spiritual wisdom are gained by daring to love another. Featuring inspiring lovers such as Cleopatra and Caesar, Arthur and Guinevere, Cupid and Psyche, and nineteen other mythic couples, The Lover's Path Tarot allows for individual growth and understanding -- whether seeking to improve and expand upon a love relationship with one's partner or one's self.

Ritual Candles

The Face to Face candle depicts a naked male and female facing one another standing on a heart shaped base. The two figures are separate from each other until they are joined at the base enabling this candle to be cut in half at the base to allow for options in working with the candle. This candle is used to enhance the romantic and sexual aspects of a relationship and can also be burned to bring someone back who has strayed from the relationship.

LOVE Mini Stone Pack

All you need is love – and a mini stone pack! Our Love Mini Stone Pack comes with two stones, rose quartz and clear quartz, that radiate kind, loving, and compassionate vibes. Carry these stones with you or place them in a visible area as a reminder to open your heart and let the love in! This joyous and compassionate energy not only helps boost your mood, but can help promote your overall health and well-being as a whole.

Stop by Universal Healing Arts for your Valentine's gift or shop online at There are hundreds of crystals and gifts, to choose from including Himalayan Bath Salts, Essential Oils, Soy Wax Candles, Incense and more!

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