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Powerful Tools of Healing & Transformation: The Allure of Crystal Wands and How to Use Them!

Crystal wands conjure up countless myths, lores and legends of wizards, magicians and mythic beings invoking ancient mystical powers. Shamans, medicine men and metaphysicians have used the power of crystal wands in ritual and ceremony for centuries. Today, people are still drawn to these beautiful crystal tools and are pulled in on a deeply personal level. They choose the wand that speaks to them or may even choose several for different intentions, as each crystal carries its own unique vibration and properties.

The power and focus of your intention combined with your crystal wand is a potent and dynamic energy that when harnessed can produce positive results and healing

One of the classic features of crystal wands is their shape, which allows them to gather and direct energy and so it makes an excellent tool for use in healing, balancing, dispelling and amplifying energy.


Crystal wands are incredibly useful in energy work for healers because they can direct healing energy to certain parts of the body to heal physical and emotional blocks associated with these body parts. A crystal wand pointed and guided away from the body will draw energies away, while pointed towards the body will channel positive energies in.


By touching the wand at chakra points and moving in a counter clockwise direction you can remove negative unwanted energy. To amplify or charge the chakra you would then move the wand in a clockwise direction filling that chakra with positive energy.


When choosing the right crystals, such as black tourmaline you can use your wand to clear and remove negative energy from your home, work space and aura assisting you to feel more grounded and peaceful.


Sit comfortably in a meditative posture and open yourself to receive any answers that may come. Hold your wand in your dominant hand and rest the point in the palm of your other hand. Clear your mind, state your question internally, then meditate and tune in to your crystal wand.


In our introduction we mentioned the powerful combination of focused intention and the use of your crystal tool. Activate and amplify your intentions, thoughts, mantras, crystal grids, etc. Concentrate with wand in hand on your intention, direct it to your crystal grid or try tracing your high vibrational ‘affirmation words’ with your wand as if you were writing in space.


Crystal wands are excellent tools to use in reflexology and massage therapy. Utilizing the pointed end of the wand direct energy to specific reflexology points, helping to release tension, ease pain, and stimulate the corresponding organ's function.

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