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6 Signs it May Be Time to Cleanse Your Home and the Top 6 Crystals to Use

When people think about home cleansing, they sometimes see it as something that only happens in certain situations. However, there are many different reasons you may need to cleanse your house! When we talk about "cleansing," we don't just mean getting rid of the dirt and dust on the surfaces. It also means removing any negative energy from an area so that you can feel at peace when you're living there.

Here at Universal Healing Arts, we offer various cleansing tools that can address your home's unique needs. Our favorite go-to is crystals. The following covers six reasons to consider cleansing your home and which crystals to use.

  1. You've Been Through a Traumatic Event. If you've gone through a traumatic event, it's essential to cleanse your house as soon as possible. Traumatic events can leave behind negative energy that can affect your mood and well-being. Cleansing can help get rid of this negative energy and allow you to start healing

  2. You're Experiencing Bad Vibes From a Specific Area. Sometimes, even if we haven't been through something traumatic, we may feel uneasy in some regions of our homes. If you live with other people and one person feels uncomfortable while the others don't, it's probably because negative energy has built up in that particular spot. If this is something you experience, it's essential to call Universal Healing Arts for a professional home cleansing service.

  3. You've Moved Into a New Home. If you've just moved into a new home, it's essential to do a cleansing before you start spending too much time there. It will help eliminate any negative energy that may have been left behind by the previous occupants and allow you to start fresh in your new space.

  4. You've Been Sick for a While. If you've been sick for an extended period, you should do a cleansing of your house. It will eliminate any negative energy that may have built up due to your illness and promote healing.

  5. You're Feeling Stressed Out. Cleansing will help eliminate any negative energy that may be contributing to your stress and allow you to feel more at peace in your own home. Stress can harm our physical and emotional health, so it's crucial to take steps to reduce it. Studies show that cleansing your house can help reduce stress and promote overall wellness.

  6. You Want to Start a New Chapter in Your Life. If you're feeling stagnant and need a fresh start, doing a cleansing of your house can be a great way to jump-start things. Cleansing will help eliminate any negative energy holding you back and allow you to approach the future with optimism.

Top 6 Protective Crystals

Get your warrior spirit on and grab a warrior stone. Black Obsidian is your shield of protection against harmful energies. We suggest that you carry one as well to absorb any negative energies that you may encounter along the way. An extra benefit is its grounding and stabilizing properties, which can help with scattered energy. Try this crystal in your entryway.

Work with Citrine to clear those mental cobwebs and spur fresh ideas and creativity. Citrine is a pick-me-up restoring clarity allowing the flow of positive vibes throughout your home and body. It is also one of the best crystals to attract money. Try this crystal in your workspace.

We’ve all heard the advice that you shouldn’t go to bed angry. Allow Rose Quartz to help put the kibosh on excess tension. This crystal will help you to remain open and understanding. Its soft gentle nature will ward off anything that is contrary to love. Heal relationship problems and promote mutual understanding. Try a pair of these crystals in your bedroom

Feeling those sticky negative vibes in your space? Amethyst clears away those denser energies. Its relaxing properties are good in places where people gather and create flow for harmonious conversation and connection. Wearing Amethyst helps to clear the aura, creating stability while harmonizing your entire being. Try this crystal in your living room.

The ultimate purifier cleanses and uplifts stagnant energy allowing positivity to circulate in its place. Higher vibrations permeate your space creating a peaceful chill vibe. Wearing Selenite is believed to clear confusion and blockages from the body and build a deeper connection to the source. It also charges all other crystals and healing tools. Try placing this on your window sills.

This powerhouse crystal is one of the most effective stones for cleansing and protection. A Big Blocker against negativity, psychic attack, dense energies, and unwanted projection on all levels. Its mighty properties absorb EMF radiation. Wear this stone to transmute your thoughts, feelings, and dense vibrations and protect yourself against negative forces. Try this crystal next to your electronics, but don’t stop there! Place it in all areas of your home.

Learn more about these and other tools that you can use to clear negative energy. Universal Healing Arts in Cortlandt Manor, NY, has been helping people clear negative energy from their homes for many years and can offer you the best service possible! Contact us today at (914) 737-4325 so that we can help get your house ready for peace of mind and comfort.

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