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A Little White Magic on Black Friday

Plus Our Top 5 Gemstone picks to Help Ward Off Those Negative Vibes

Since White Magic is often used for healing, positivity and protection with some good love spells added to the mix, we wanted to show you how to do this using crystals. We all want to keep our vibrations high, soaking in those ‘good vibes’ that help us to feel uplifted and motivated.

If you want to make some positive changes in your life it’s always easier to do that without negative people usurping your good intentions. There are some people, let’s call them ‘emotional vampires’ who may not always know how their negative behavior is affecting others. So go ahead, empower yourself and take matters into your own hands.

What To Do?

Choose your favorite Black Gemstones! While these stones are black, there’s no black magic here! Quite the contrary, black gemstones are actually used for protection, purification, clearing negative energies and grounding. After all, that’s what we’re looking for.

Our Top 5 ‘Super Negativity Busting, Wiping the Slate Clean’ Picks

1. Black Tourmaline

First line defense against negative energies, entities and destructive forces. Black Tourmaline is a Shamanic stone which has been used as a talisman to ward off negative spirits. Also, a stone of purification, it will cleanse the emotional body of anger, anxieties, etc. Related to the Root Chakra it’s a great grounding stone.

2. Shungite

Can’t turn your cell phone off? Use Shungite to protect against EMF’s and radiation. Shungite has a reputation and a good one at that in being able to neutralize and absorb these harmful frequencies. Don’t forget your other electronic devices such as tv’s, computers, microwaves, wireless earbuds, etc that are emitting these electrical magnetic fields. Place Shungite next to each.

“The only natural material in existence to have the presence of hollow molecular carbon cages,

known as fullerenes, embedded within this mineral,

which allows it to neutralize the EMFs.”

3. Black Obsidian

Get ready for the ‘Big Assist’ as this stone cleanses your auric field of misqualified energies and environmental contaminants. This gorgeous ‘Mirror’ stone is formed from volcanic lava. The reflective qualities of this stone are mesmerizing and have been used for scrying and in ceremonies divining insight into other worlds and future times. Black Obsidian will serve as a protective shield, but will also expose any dark shadows that may be lurking just under the surface. Great for emotional healing and chakra balancing.

4. Hematite

Staying grounded in a chaotic world does not come easy to most. With wandering minds, daily stressors and survival concerns along with a lack of self discipline we are sorely in need of a powerful grounding force and balancing agent. An exceptional choice for getting back into your body and rooted is Hematite. This ‘warrior stone’ is a great protector too as it belongs to Mars, the god of war and was seen to give courage, strength and protection to all who came in contact with it. The strength that it offers is on a mental, physical and astral level

5. Rose Quartz

Here’s our ‘non-black’ gemstone pick. It’s been said that an open heart is the best defense. When you are in fear, holding negative thoughts your vibration just plummets and your heart contracts, leaving you open to negative influences. Why not beam your Love. Keep some rose quartz with you to assist. Contemplate all that you are grateful for and then watch your heart expand.

Universal Healing Arts is getting creative! Find it all here in select sizes and shapes; Pyramids, Spheres, Cubes, Wands, Tumbles, Roughs, Towers, Merkabahs, Points, Pendulums, etc including an array of wearable protective jewelry.

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